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V8 Supercars 2016
Although there has been a fair bit of discussion around Clipsal on the chat group, I wanted to post some thoughts on it here;

While I am a fan of unpredictable finishes and the unlikely drivers nabbing a win, I thought the fuel drop rule made Sunday's race unfulfilling. Essentially in my eyes, Percat won on a technicality. When the race distance was reduced due to a time certain finish (I'll get back to that) the amount required for the fuel drop should also have been reduced.

As for time certain finishes, the race should start 30min earlier to allow for delays of any sort so we get to see a full race. In some cases delays may go beyond 30min but you would at least get close to the full race distance.

Pretty average effort in the end by race control, and I am not a fan of post race investigations on incidents that are so straightforward as to who is at fault - drive through penalties will more than likely result in the driver who infringed losing more point than what was deducted post race.
I'm really just disappointed that the race had to end in that way, it's a lot like the Suzuki F1 race that was rained off, should have been called before cars started having accidents, clearly they could see that it was coming, the track would have been so slippery because of the hot weather that Adelaide had had would leave all the oil and fuel on the road to just float to the top when the rain hit. It's happened before and I'm surprised the marshals didn't see it coming/didn't act rather than react.

Or maybe I'm just biased because JC didn't get his 3 peat that he was well on track for...
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Nah I'm not worried about when the call was made, happy to see a car hit the wall to spice things up. Just should have the race starting earlier so it doesn't become a non event because of a time certain finish. The rain was a bit unpredictable in how much would fall and where on the track. Had they not stuck with the fuel drop limit we would have at least got a cracker of a finish with all drivers racing for position....
The time certain finish was bullshit, fuel drop was bullshit, race was cooked as a result. It was still light here in Melbourne 2 hours later they had plenty to time to finish the race, bump it to a second channel if there are other broadcast arrangements if need be but light levels should only be a constraint if there is no light left (i.e. it's 8pm and getting too dark).
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So glad to see McLaughlin take a few wins after the almost standard results from the last few rounds. Hopefully next round DJR can grab a win and maybe......just maybe one of the Nissan's.
Bit of variety never hurt anyone!
It's good that we have had 6 winners from 7 races. Hopefully different winners continues. Starting to get frustrated with HRT poor qualifying because they can show they have good race pace
Was good to see another different race winner. Who everyone's tips for today?
Hoping for Lowndes or the Gis, then any of the Nissan or Volvo drivers
And another different race winner, this is great! Good to see volvo bounce back.
How about Chris Pither today, qualifying pace and a pretty great result, I'm not one to praise a Ford driver but I'll always back a kiwi, awesome to see
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