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Welcome to CANZ!
Welcome to the Confederation of Australian and New Zealand Racing Community (CANZ Racing Community)!

Forming from the RGL Online Racing Community, CANZ aims to provide a social online racing community with structured series and community events. In 2016 we will begin this new journey, starting with the return of the RGL classic V8 Supercars Series, and the newly established Sportscar Championship Series. Along with exciting new series that the community will bring to us in the coming months.

For more information on how to make a series of your own, please head to this thread!

Thanks for joining us on this new adventure, we'll see you on the grid in 2016!
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Here is a Promo video showcasing of whats to come on C.A.N.Z in 2016!

Will also be putting driver profile articles onto the website over the coming weeks - look out for a PM here and it might be you next that will feature. First cab off the rank will be Caderz this coming Tuesday evening.
The next driver profile is up on the CANZ site

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