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CANZ Muscle Car Masters [Official Thread]
People have asked for it so here we go. Muscle Car Masters is back with old faces and new faces into it's ranks. This series will be held alongside the remaining rounds of the V8's with 2 races per night following the V8 races and the remaining two rounds being held alongside a 2017 potential series social night to be held later in the year (more information on this soon).

General Information:
Series Title: CANZ Muscle Car Masters
Proposed period: July - November
Day: Thursday nights ~9PM AEST
Category: Social 
Number of Drivers: 24 drivers
Points System: CANZ official Points System
Team Points: No
Teams Required: no
Rounds: 10
Races: 1 race per round, 2 rounds per night
Time Period: Start date - 28/7/16. End date - 29/9/16
Qualifying: No

Vehicle Information:
Vehicle Details: 1969-1970's Muscle Cars must have 5.7 litre V8 Engine, Sport Tires, and must be either on or jus under 289kw of power (ford XB and Holden Monaro compromise with a higher kW but lower top end speed)

Car List:
AMC Javelin B class pi569
Buick GSX b class pi585
1970 Chevrolet Camaro z28 b class pi558
Ford XB Falcon GT b class pi566
Ford Mustang Boss b class pi598
Holden Torana A9X b class pi584
Holden Monaro GTS b class pi567
Lancia Startos Stradale b class pi597
Mazda RX-3 b class pi600
73 Nissan Skyline GT-R b class pi598
Opel Kadett b class pi579
VW Beetle b class pi584
1982 Porsche 911 turbo b class pi577
Pontiac Firebird Trans-Am b class pi535

Vehicle builds will be available on Chaos 7h30ry's tuning sharepoint.

Upgrades: Yes
Tuning: No

Livery Information:
Any livery design must not have same numbers as other vehicles first come first serve basis

Stewarding Details:
Full stewarding:No
Partial stewarding: Yes
No stewarding: No
Incident submissions required: No

Race Formats: 
1 all out race bump and grinds are permitted blocking is permitted, 1 rule no pit manoeuvres on other drivers

Rounds and Tracks:
Round 1 - Watkins Glen Short Alt 8 laps
Round 2 - Brands Hatch Indy 12 laps
Round 3 - Lime Rock Full Alt Circuit 12 laps
Round 4 - Mazda Laguna Seca 6 laps
Round 5 - Sebring Short 10 laps
Round 6 - Prague Short Reverse 8 laps
Round 7 - Bathurst 5 laps
Round 8 - Longbeach full 7 laps
Round 9 - Road Atlanta full 8 laps
Round 10 - Sonoma Short Circuit 12 laps

July 28th, Rounds 1 & 2
August 25th, Rounds 3 & 4
September 22nd, Rounds 5 & 6
October 13th, Rounds 7 & 8 (In concjuntion with a 2017 test night)
November 3rd, Rounds 9 & 10

Pit stops:
No mandatory pitstops cars are cosmetic

x06 The Doc 06x - Chevrolet Comaro Z28
CrashCaderz - Holden Monaro GTS
Hyboi - Ford XB Falcon
MRN3Drifter - Ford Mustang Boss 302
Woebegone6 - Holden Torana A9X
Scav3nger - Opel Kadett
[Image: signature_S5.png]

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
In, undecided on car, either torana or camaro
[Image: rrmsig_zpslkmqwh3b.png]
Holden Monaro GTS
Ford Mustang Boss 302
Even if those memories make me sad, I have got to go forward believing in the future. Even when I realize my loneliness, and am about to lose hope those memories make me stronger. Im not alone. Because of you. - Rin (Shelter The Animation)

Shelter is so wonderful and beautiful Heart
Holden Torana A9X
XB Falcon
I'll go the camaro
[Image: rrmsig_zpslkmqwh3b.png]
I'll jump in the Opel, probably be one of the ones nobody else is going to really want. Still can't get over that bloody Beetle though, not sure what made Chaos put that in there!
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(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Any chance of unlocking the tuning setup to change the wheels on a car, only the wheels nothing else
[Image: rrmsig_zpslkmqwh3b.png]
im in...mazda for me

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