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CANZ Series Template
Hey all,

Below you'll find the template that should be used to give drivers all the details of the series you are planning so they can make informed decisions about whether it is a series they are interested in or not. While we offer the opportunity for everyone to open a series idea, we must stress that not all series can be run all at once, so some organisers may unfortunately miss out. To gauge interest in your idea, we recommend starting an Expression of Interest (EOI) thread prior to spending too much time putting together all the details found in the template below.

EOI's are to be used to scope interest in an idea, so you don't need the full gamut of information, but you should have a rock solid idea behind you so the community know what to expect (if it is too vague and results in confusion or excessive questions, go back and do some more work on it and start again - hopefully taking on board the questions and suggestions given by the community)

Official proposals are used to begin locking in registrations and as mentioned, if the series is popular enough (more than 8 drivers) then it will receive CANZ support via web pages etc. These threads must provide full information. You can still make some minor adjustments such as changing a track due to majority of community members requesting it, or dropping a round to shorten the season etc. But by and large, rules should be sorted, cars locked in etc.

Any questions on this post below, but for now here is the Official Series Template - just copy and paste into a new thread in the appropriate section and fill out the areas currently in light grey. The title of your thread should be: CANZ "your series name" [Official thread].

Please note: You must private message your Series thread through to the CANZ directors before posting your series to ensure all bases are covered. You do not need to PM expression of interest threads.

General Information:
Series Title: CANZ "Your series name" 
Proposed period: The period for the series to run E.G. March to October 2016
Day: E.G. Thursday nights ~9PM AEST
Category: Competitive/Amateur/Social
Number of Drivers: Either limit to 1 full lobby or open to two lobbies
Points System: All CANZ Series must run the CANZ official Points System, more information can be found the Regulations section of the forums.
Team Points: Yes/No
Teams Required: Only do this if it fits the type of series you are running
Rounds: Specify the number of rounds your series will run for.
Races: Recommended that there are no more than two races per round
Time Period: Start date - 3/7/16. End date - 6/11/16
Qualifying: If yes include Qualifying format section
Time Trials: If your series goes over the specified number of drivers, you may use time trails or submit drivers on a first-come-first-serve basis.
Rules:(Any series specific rules not outlined in the Regulations.

Vehicle Information:
Vehicle Details: Add details as required with regards to makes/models/PI etc
Upgrades: Yes/No (is the car stock?)
Tuning: Yes/No - add details if required

Livery Information:
Outline the requirements for livery designs (if applicable)

Stewarding Details:
Full stewarding:Yes/No - then explain details
Partial stewarding:Yes/No - then explain details
No stewarding:Yes/No - usually the case if running a fully social racing series
Incident submissions required:Yes/No

(See rule book): There is a standard qualifying format. If you plan to deviate from this, list all necessary details and include an additional section if there is more than one type of qualifying format in a series.

Race Formats:
List details for round format such as 1 or 2 races per round, reverse grid races, how many laps or if races are time based. Add additional sections if a series contains more than on race format

Rounds and Tracks:
Include the number of rounds (this is also listed in General Information too) for the series and what tracks are to be used - if the series is popular enough, it will receive web pages where additional information can be made available. For this stage of the process, community members only need to know number of rounds and tracks. Other information such as dates and what night a series takes place will be included in the "General Information" section

Pit stops:
Select from (see rule book): Long window/Short window - avoid deviating from this format with exception of endurance races that may require additional pit stops during a race. Series don't have to have mandatory pit stops

Use this section to keep track of registrations and watch the thread for new posts to keep the list as up to date as possible.
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