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[V8SC] Stewards Briefing - Round 7
Round 7, Circuit of the Americas West Layout, Stewards Briefing
August 25th, 2016

Teams and drivers are advised of the following information contained within:
Qualifying Procedure
Starting Procedure
Corner Cutting and Track Extending Ruling(s)
Pit Entry and Exit

All information contained in this stewards briefing is created with the purpose of ensuring we have stable events, so CANZ administrators appreciate that everyone follows this information along with adhering to the CANZ sporting regulations.

Qualifying Procedure:
Qualifying for Round 7 of the CANZ V8 Supercars series will be a timed session of 10 minutes. No shootout session or group split will be required for this circuit. Please spread yourselves out on circuit to avoid dirtying others laps through drafting.

Starting Procedure:
For the first race, a standard start will be used. Should a reverse grid race be run, a standing manual start will be used to set grid positions.

Corner Cutting and Track Extending:
For this circuit, the cutting is being granted an "acceptable line" giving driver permission to run over the kerbing as shown in the following picture:

[Image: westcutting.png]

Drivers are permitted to straight-line this chicane, but must not cut the following corner leading onto the end of full circuit back straight.

Pit Entry and Exit:

For pit entry, please communicate early that you will be entering the pits as it does break off from the racing line rather rapidly and may see drivers slowing towards pit entry. As always you cannot pit at the end of the first lap unless you have damage, and you must not pit on the last lap and finish the race in the pit lane.

Any drivers that abort a pit entry and go through the gap between the tyre barrier and the pit wall will be given an immediate 10 point penalty for unsafe pit entry.

For pit exit, remain inside the white line until it ends heading up the hill.

Any questions, pop them below!
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Just want to confirm that pitting for damage on lap one does not count as the pit stop for the race
[Image: rrmsig_zpslkmqwh3b.png]
It does not.

Mainly because we have the newer Safety Car ruling in the CANZ regulations that mean you can call a safety car at any time (except in the last three laps) now.

Quote:5.4.1 The following conditions may consitute the calling of a safety car:
A) A turn one incident involving one or more vehicles.
B) A collision involving two or more vehicles causing damage and/or loss of time as a direct result of the collision.
C) A collision between two vehicles resulting in one or more of those vehicles being immobilised.
D) A single vehicle collision resulting in sufficient damage whereby the vehicle is unable to move off the racing line.
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I probably should have re-read this ahead of last night - I think my lap times could have improved if I had straight lined this chicane deliberately. I think I did so a few times but thought I was going to get penalised if I did it too much more...
Stewards Report: Circuit of the Americas

Note: This is a preliminary stewards report, further incidents may be looked into and will be reported at the time.

Race One:

Nothing to report at this stage.

Race Two:

Incident Involving Car 55 – Jump Start
Car 55 (Woebegone6) was found to have jumped the start of the race and receives a 10 point penalty.

Incident Involving Car 2, Car 17, Car 4, Car 17 and Car 86
Car 86 (Hyboi) was turned on the exit of turn 1 by Car 17 (Scav3nger), this spin was deemed a racing incident after Car 17 was squeezed by Car 2 (MRN3Drifter) into Car 4 (UnusedDragon488).

Incident Involving Car 013 and Car 170
Car 170 (x06 The Doc 06x) attempted a pass on Car 013 on lap 1 turn 12 that was initiated outside track limits and subsequently completed by cutting over the kerbing on turn 13. As this incident was part of a greater incident outlined below, an official warning is given.

Incident Involving Car 4, Car 17, and Car 86
An incident on the penultimate corner saw a collision between Car 86 (Hyboi) and Car 4 (UnusedDragon488). Car 86 had a moment into the corner and contact with Car 4 was made, the subsequent transfer of momentum pushed Car 4 into Car 17 (Scav3nger), who lost position to Car 86 as a result of the collision. Car 86 redressed the position on the lead-up to the finish line. No further action.

Incident Involving Many Cars And A Notice to All Drivers
Cars 2, 3, 5, 013, 16, 17, 55, and 86 were involved in various taps, bumps, and paint trading throughout  the opening laps of the race. All drivers, not just those listed, are reminded that we are looking to avoid the carnage often seen in public lobbies. Feeding other drivers into corners, using them as your brakes, or bumping your way past is not the way we want to go racing.

Many drivers were involved in incidents throughout the first two laps that could have been avoided with a little more patience. Attempting to go 4-wide into, or out of, turn 1 or diving a little aggressively into the side of the car in front, are acts we would prefer to see less of as they have the capacity to breed more incidents through “revenge mentality”.
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A minor addition I fogot to point out above.

There were a few questions on the night about the safety car, specifically where I was to come out and rejoin after being lag punted and having to pit again. I refer to the following in section 5.4.2 of the regulations:

Quote:F) Vehicles that receive service and are exiting before the train has passed must wait at pit exit for the train to pass and rejoin at the back. Where possible drivers should allow space for other vehicles exiting pit lane, should they need to take to the track to do this they should communicate that they are doing so and inform the train which side of the circuit they will be waiting on.

As the train was resuming racing on the lap I was coming out, I rejoined at the back of the field as required after the race had resumed.
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