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[V8SC] Stewards Briefing - Round 8
Round 9, Long Beach, Stewards Briefing
October 15th, 2016

Teams and drivers are advised of the following information contained within:
Qualifying Procedure
Starting Procedure
Corner Cutting and Track Extending Ruling(s)
Pit Entry and Exit

All information contained in this stewards briefing is created with the purpose of ensuring we have stable events, so CANZ administrators appreciate that everyone follows this information along with adhering to the CANZ sporting regulations.

Qualifying Procedure:
Qualifying for Round 9 of the CANZ V8 Supercars series will be a timed session of 12 minutes. No shootout session or group split will be required for this circuit. As this is a street circuit, collisions will be turned OFF for the qualifying session.

Starting Procedure:
For the first race, a standard start will be used. Should a reverse grid race be run, a standing manual start will be used to set grid positions.

Corner Cutting and Track Extending:
Refer to the following image:

Turn 5 it is permitted to run over the yellow kerbing to the first yellow marker. If your right-side tyres are not touching this yellow kerb you will be deemed to have cut the corner.

Turn 6/7 you are allowed to run it out to the outside of the red line as the racing line suggests it.

Turn 8 you must keep two wheels in the lines

Turn 9 you must keep two wheel in the lines

If anyone needs imagery to help visualise these corners let me know so I can generate some.

Pit Entry and Exit:

For pit entry, please communicate early that you will be entering the pits as it is a tight entry to pit lane off the last corner. As it is very tight I will not enforce that you have to be within the blue lines but you must clear to the right of circuit if you intend on pitting. As always you cannot pit at the end of the first lap unless you have damage, and you must not pit on the last lap and finish the race in the pit lane.

For pit exit, remain to the right of the blue line until it ends. Don't forget to communicate!

Any questions, pop them below!
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