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NBN Discussion - Speeds and Rollout
Thought I'd fire up a thread for this since it's an ongoing rollout. For those that have a service already to discuss speeds and for those that are yet to receive the service to discuss the rollout.

I'm planning to turn one of my Raspberry Pi's into a speedtest checker, make it ping a server every hour and record the results so I can compare my current cable service to NBN when it's finally rolled out in my area. I think we're still a fair way down the list because of the cable service though. In saying that there's news today that Optus' cable network is being scrapped as per the initial 2011 deal made with Telstra/Optus for their HFC networks so I'm not sure how that will factor in for me. The reports suggest they're replacing the HFC with Fibre-to-the-distribution-point (FTTdp) which would be better than the FTTN most people seem to be getting. That's only for Optus though, given we also have Telstra cable in our area I'm wondering if they might try and shove us onto that instead.

Hopefully we get FTTdp because it would be better than the HFC, it would mean less copper than FTTN, and would be cheaper to upgrade to FTTP in future as the fibre runs down the street rather than to a box at the end of the street before the copper takes over.

If given the option I think I'd offer to pay extra to get at least 50/20 on the down/up spectrum. The download speeds have been fine for me at 30Mbps so I don't need much more than that right now, but I really do need the upload speeds and would be prepared to pay the extra $10-20 to get them.
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I get about 45 download and 15 upload. Ping sits around 50ms.. I have the fixed wireless

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