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A Discussion About DLC
Everyone's favourite subject!

I'm curious to know what your standpoint is on DLC and the modern expansions for games? Do you like the Season Pass approach? Do you like the microtransactions to cover giving stuff away for free? Did you prefer the good old days when expansion packs came out with a plethora of new content on a disc? Is there another system you think would work better?

Personally I don't mind the microtransactions as long as two criteria are met:
1) They're not in your face about buying shit all the time
2) They don't unbalance the game by locking better content behind the payment (and not provide another method with which to acquire the better content, i.e. actually playing the game)

I think Rocket League is doing it well with the crates and free maps, though it would be nice if they had some kind of trading system so I could trade crates for items I actually want from people who have unlocked stuff they don't want (that I might want) but want another crate to try their luck again. I personally feel the Rocket League approach works better than, say, the Halo 5 approach because in Halo 5 all the items are in a single massive pool of potential items. Every time you unlock a REQ pack you're rolling a random chance on (in a gold pack) 8-10 items from a pool of hundreds, and even then you're only guaranteed one or two "premium" items (the one-time unlock stuff vsersus warzone guns). In Rocket League you have about 16 items to roll a random chance on in each crate, but only get one item, so you might say the odds are similar but I find the Rocket League system better with smaller groups of items.

I dislike Season Passes, you never really know what's going to be in them so you're paying for content you might not like in advance, I think the last season pass I bought was for Forza 4.
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For me I like rocket leagues dlc method and generally avoid season passes as I don't play most games enough to warrant them.

I also don't like having to download maps/dlc for games I haven't paid for (call of duty makes you download the maps then if you do pay for them, they become unlocked)

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