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Discord for TSG
So what is Discord and why is there a thread about it?

The use of Facebooks messenger app has become very popular in the community which reduced activity on the forums significantly. While instant messenging has proved to be a very useful tool for organsing our gaming, it is very isolated and is counter productive to tsg being able to grow, as visitors to the website and forum see lack of activity, reducing their ability to engage.

Discord offers all the benefits of messenger, but better in a number of ways. 

  1. It is public - so people can join without having to be friends of someone first
  2. A server can be setup with "channels" that enable slightly more focused conversations e.g. CANZ channel or Rocket League channel 
  3. It is available to download on IOS and Android devices as well as PC or you can use a web browser.
  4. It has voice chat so cross platplatform gaming is possible such as PC players on Rocket League teaming up with Xbox players using Discord for chat.
  5. You can mention people so they get notifications (handy for reminding peeps when something is on)
It is not intended to replace the forums, rather allow for more freedom in the ways in which we all communicate. The key is for all of us to realise what discussions are forum worthy and to use that platform for them. Scav is also looking into a widget for Discord so people visiting the website can see how active we are on Discord. We still want to see everyone visting the site and checking out the forums often, but lets just see how this all goes.

Once you have the app installed use this link:
To keep the momentum up and hopefully motivate people, here is a list of those yet to join Discord:

Mr Cat

Unused Dragon
True Zola

Remember that you can mute specific channels so you only see that chatter on the area of TSG that is important to you. Eg. Hyboi would likely mute all channels other than CANZ as that's his jam when it comes to TSG.

If everyone above jumps on this, it will mean finding players via instant messenging will be much easier. It may also see us have higher participation levels for social nights on other game titles. As new people join we should push for them to get Discord happening.
Have updated the list and removed names of those who have joined us on Discord

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