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The Unofficial 2v2 Untitled Tournament
So we just need one more player to have 4 teams, which would be fine for a start. Should allow for a fairly quick comp of 6 rounds. Could even look at a different format, in that each round rather than being 1 x 10min matches, do best of 5 series......

So example:

Round 1 - Monday/Tuesday 13th and 14th Feb
Spartans vs Sharks
Raiders vs Devils

Round 2 - Monday/Tuesday 20th and 21st Feb
Raiders vs Sharks
Spartans vs Devils

Each of the matches listed above would be a best of 5 series which means a minimum of 15min game time per week, and a max of 25min unless OT is required in any of the games.

We could allow 3 points per win or just give 3 points to the team that wins the series. We can also track stats across all games played still, but they would be accumulative rather than having individual game stats. MVP would go to the person with the highest points across a series.

Just a thought. Might make for better streaming of rounds as it would go for longer.

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