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Confirmed TEC's List
This post will contain an up to date listing of all teams with current Team Entitlement Contracts making them eligible to race for Teams/Constructors Championships.

All TEC's will have a unique three character identification tag. This is used as a shortcode to identify the team where the full name cannot be used.

Current TEC's:
TEC-AGM AusGear Motorsport - Manager: Caderz
TEC-FSR FEISAR - Manager: Drifter
TEC-SDR Second Degree Racing - Manager: Scav3nger
TEC-MMM Moobie Madness Motorsport - Manager: z00lu
TEC-SMM SM Motorsport - Manager: Hyboi
TEC-DLR Dead Last Racing - Manager: DeadX
TEC-NRD NERD Motorsport - Manager: Alsimo
TEC-SYB Start Ya Bastard Racing - Manager: Eskimo

Last Update: 15/10/2018
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