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Hello Everyone,

The last 8-10 months have been very quiet, we've lost a bit of momentum as I took some time off to focus on a course I was doing. We're back in business now though. Gearing up for a new year and getting things back on track. Starting with laying out the plan for 2019.

As you can already see, we're back on the old forums. We've lost a little bit of content as the website with the 2018 forums broke during the year and I couldn't recover the content. Hence the main website saying it's undergoing maintenance. That's a good thing though because there's a few changes on that front I was looking to implement for next year anyway so a mostly fresh start (I've got all the posts from the old website so it look like a wasteland when the new site is first up and running) will be a good thing.

With that, let's take a look at what's happening.

Over on our Discord some discussion has been starting up again, looking at where we're going with CANZ next year (more on that below) as well as discussion in the Inner Sanctum with some of our core community on our direction and focus moving forward. So far we've looked at our focus for 2019 being a return to our Forza roots with a 2019 CANZ Supercars series. We toyed with the idea of a GT series but the workload involved with balancing the GT cars into spec with the current size of the racing community meant the Supercars was the more straight forward series to get the ball rolling again. We will be reassessing in 2020 the options for the mainline series.

We've briefly touched on Rocket League. It will be returning in some form but just not sure how at this time.

Social games will become much more of a focus too, with a key interest being easy drop-in-drop-out games on both PC and Xbox. Minecraft is an obvious choice as we can have a server running all the time. And yes, GTA or Red Dead may also be on that list (though I personally don't have RDR2 on my list of games I'm looking at). Though the social aspect and nature of it means that these are things that can be organised at any time and not necessarily by us, it could be anyone in the community organising these events on any game!

So get involved in the discussion and help us gear up for a powerful 2019!
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