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Slightly Mad have gone Fully Mad, plan to release their own console
Slightly Mad Studios, developers of Need for Speed: Shift ( and Shift 2) along with the Project CARS series has announced plans to release the Mad Box. A new console aimed at providing VR experiences for sim gamers like no other console is capable of.

In an interview with Variety, Slight Mad studio head Ian Bell said:

Quote:“It’s the most powerful console ever built… It’s literally ‘Mad’… You want 4k, you want VR at 60FPS? You want a full engine for free to develop your games on it? You have it.”

Gamespot got a glimpse of the early design of the Mad Box recently:

Honestly, as I said in the thread title, they've gone full mad if they think they can take on Xbox and Sony with this. It's essentially a Steam Machine (and we know how well that worked out don't we?) that is just going to be a prebuilt gaming PC. And let's be realistic, the software development aspects of SMS's recent developments have left a bit to be desired to trust them with the development of an operating system for a gaming "console".

But hey, at least it wasn't the guys that developed ATLAS or Ark announcing this... Not that it makes this announcement a good thing. Because I think this "console" will go the way of the Ouya and the Dreamcast.
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