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Looking for some racing. Thursday nights
I'll start my update as soon as I get home, usual time sounds fine.
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there is a 3.5gb update we need to do b4 tonight
Not happy about forced stock tune...I can't play this game without making small changes to rear toe to control the rear end just flicking out as I use a controller...

But ohwell...I just play for fun, don't care if I loose or run last .
I'm going to treat this stuff as social nights rather than full series and gift everyone who shows up some attendance points.
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I may miss next week if I haven't got my shed cleaned up for my LAN. Will let you all know by the Wednesday before
Thats all good. I may bring in someone from next week as well.

BretleyS 95
CrashCaderz 88
z00lu 65
Scav3nger 54
MRN3Drifter 50
Woebegone6 28
x06 The Doc x06 28
Clasfied Hunter 20
I think some of the ordering is out of whack assuming the points are correct per driver.
Where what order lol
Hey guys, I'm sorry but I can't make tonight.
i don't remember the race 1 result from imola. I know that's piss poor cause we wer only 4 lol.

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