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For those of use with wheels
Hi all...I have been thinking that I am going to sponsor a series on IRACING for those people who have wheels.

Anyone who is interested this is how it will work.

I will pay for your first 1 month subscription, being around $15. The condition a you must run in my race series, which is yet to be orginised, other than that race as much as you want on it.

The series will only consistant of the basic cars and tracks you get so will come at no cost to yourself.

After the 1 month it's up to you if you want to keep your subscription or just not to renew it.

This offer is only available until 12th November, at this point I will transfer the sponsor money for you people who registered interest so you all subscribe at the same time, this offer is only valid to current people who I play with on the box.

Please register interest bellow or message me.

This is just to allow people a feeler of IRacing.
I like the initiative - I won't be able to go for this as my PC is not up to scratch for such things and not even sure if my wheel works on PC. Then I couldn't guarantee I would be available. Best left to someone more keen and free of commitments
I'm going to play a moderate card here and say thank you, but I'll pass for this one. I appreciate the offer to pay for it though. It's more a time management problem than a "lack of interest to check it out" problem right now. Too many things to do and not enough hours in the day to add another thing into the mix.

That said it is a very generous offer.
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No problem guys...cheers for taking the time to consider it though, maybe next time. Smile
Definitely a generous offer but at this point I'm the same as scav, a lack of time and also my Sim quality is no where near good enough for iracing
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