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Footage for Video Intros
Hey everyone,

Over the next couple of weeks at game nights and race meets we'll be looking for some great footage for use in Screwed Gamers and CANZ intro videos. These will be used at the start of all videos that will go on the Screwed Gamers YouTube channel. Here's what I have in mind:

Screwed Gamers 45 second intro to go with the length of the old podcast intro tune.
Screwed Gamers 10-15 second intro for shorter videos.
CANZ 45 second-to-1 minute intro similar to the old RGL one, would be used on full race replays or live streams (i.e. run the intro while retiring to pits and getting into spectator mode in Project CARS).
CANZ 10 second intro used in any highlights packages and generally shorter videos.

Given we are, at the moment, quite limited in games that we play I won't restrict it to anything in particular, but funny moments from GTA V, or intense battles in Halo, and wheel to wheel action in racing games. Anything you think would make for good intro content. It doesn't even have to be from a game night, any time you have a moment that you think would make a good clip for the intro sequence (or even just a funny moments video in general) grab a clip of it and fire it through.
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