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Halo Forge Maps and Game types
After playing a style of Sumo wrestling with Mongooses and Warthogs on Halo 5 (thanks to Mr Cat), I thought it would be great to have a central place to collate all the different game types and maps that are worth getting on Halo. So if you come across an awesome map for multiplayer, or unique and fun game types (e.g. Sumo wrestling on warthogs) then post below and a few of us admins can add the best ones to the OP to make it easier for people to check them out!

PS. Add as much info as possible to make it easier to search for them when in Halo. I have edited this post from a Halo 5 focus to Halo in general, so as to include the Master Chief Collection and Halo Reach (although Halo Reach is supposed to be included in the MCC in the near future). So anything Halo that is a bit different to the usual game modes and online multiplayer match making.


Game types/modes:
Halo Reach
Map: Rent-a-car
Gametype: Car Derby

I will update this post with more accuracy, but just putting it here for now to hopefully kick start the thread again.
Yeah I've got a selection of things in my fileshare for Halo: Reach, it's going to take a bit of time to build up a new collection since I've lost a lot of the old stuff. I'm thinking we should also aim to try and have a couple of sessions where we try to come up with some different and potentially new gametypes? I don't think we can do Hog Hill on Halo: Reach (from the old Hog X Games in the RGL days with the indestructable Gauss Hog that was a moving hill the other teams needed to try and liberate and control) but could be worth checking.

I've got the following gametypes and (if applicable) associated maps:
Car Derby (Map: Rent-a-car)
Hide and Seek
Awesomenaut (when I created both of these they needed a bit of work but could be worth looking at again)

I've also got one that is Capture the Flag but you essentially spawn in the opponents base and need to run the flag into the enemies base instead of liberating it from the enemies base. So like Assault but multi-flag CTF.

There's a few more but I'll need to consult the Xbox to get a more detailed list.
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