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CANZ Formula B Social Support Series [Official Thread]
So I possibly should have gotten around to this a bit sooner...

The Formula B Social Support Series will run after the SCS and will follow around theach same locations. Some may use different varients just to mix it up a bit.

There will be a one lap qualifying for these races, which means a little bit of waiting around for the timer to run out (since 10 minutes is minimum session length) but adds a bit of variance to who starts where. 

These races will be around 6-8 laps long based on track length since the cars areally slightly quicker than LMP2 cars.

There will be no damage as its quite easy to get caught up in an incident and as such no one wants to have to retire after one corner. As it is a social series there will not be stewarding however here at CANZ clean driving is encouraged Wink

I will keep track of drivers points however not team points, and it will use a 10 down to 1 points system, that is first shall receive 10 points, second will receive 9 etc. In the event of more than 10 drivers participating, from position 11 onwards a consolation half point will be scored.

Please feel free to put forward ideas for fun ways to run a race, reverse grid etc, and also lock in a livery that you wish to use.

II think that's all, any questions then do ask away.

FINAL STANDINGS after Round 9 (Nurburgring GP):
1. Mr cat 64
2. z00lu 56
3. Doc 54
4. Scav3nger 49
5. Drifter 48
6. Chaos 46
7. Caderz 37
8. Dragon 25
9. TechWo1f 21
10. Woebe 18
11. Cozza 11
11. Alsimo 11
13. Rodger 8
14. Hunter 6
[Image: rrmsig_zpslkmqwh3b.png]
I shall lock in Cobalt #5
[Image: signature_S5.png]

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Can we even trust the qualifying results to put us in the right positions? Last night I didn't record a lap, but started on the front row.....
I can remember the livery, but I'll post it here next time I am on PCars.
I think last night might have had something to do with me skipping to the end of session instead of waiting it out. I didn't take any notice but it seemed the SCS grid was also out of position, which isn't so bad as we have the rolling starts, but still rather annoying.
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(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
The session has to finish to be put in order for the race
Standings updated in OP
[Image: rrmsig_zpslkmqwh3b.png]
Standings Updated after round 4
[Image: rrmsig_zpslkmqwh3b.png]
After round 5 there's nothing in it for that last step of the podium while Mr Cat puts some breathing room between himself and Chaos.
[Image: rrmsig_zpslkmqwh3b.png]
I think Mr Cat and Chaos need one or two more bad races then we could have a most epic finale to a support series yet!
Standings updated after the Zolder round, need to get results from Oshersleben for round 8. Hopefully this will be done before Thursday night.
[Image: rrmsig_zpslkmqwh3b.png]

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