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Stewards Inquiry Submission Form
For anyone wanting the Stewards to undertake an investigation into an incident or investigate a potential breach of drivers conduct, please submit this form to the Series Organiser via Private Messages.

Incident Submission Form

Your Driver Number:
Your Gamertag:
Round Number:
Race Number:

Incident Type: (Collision/Track Abuse/Other)
Time and Location: (Describe as best your location on track and when the incident occured)

Please do not include any other information, if the steward(s) investigating the issue need more information from the driver(s) involved they will ask for driver(s) input.

Sample submission:

Incident Submission Form
Your Driver Number: #17
Your Gamertag: Scav3nger
Round Number: Round 2
Race Number: Race 1

Incident Type: Collision
Time and Location: Lap 14, stadium hairpin

Note: You don't need to include the horizontal lines, they're just there to break the form up from the rest of the post.
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