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Welcome to the Screwed Gamers Community Forums!
Hello everyone!

Welcome (back) to the Screwed Gamers Community Forums! WE'RE BACK! If you are returning from our previous existence, welcome back! If you're new and are looking for a group of serious gamers who take their gaming very seriously and are all serious about all things serious, then you're not in the right place. If, however, you're looking for a group of gamers who just love having a blast and generally having a good time, then you've come to a good place.

Allow me to briefly (re)introduce myself. I'm Scott (aka Scav3nger), creator of the Screwed Gamers and former host of the Screwed Gamers Podcast (what a big claim to fame hey?). I've spent the last couple of years rethinking the Screwed Gamers concept and have been helping build a community over at RGL Australia, however when the time came that RGL Australia looked like it was closing down I merged (or assimilated? Depends on your point of view) it into the new Screwed Gamers, completely ignoring whatever concept I had for rebuilding the Screwed Gamers. So welcome to community-on-the-fly! Get used to it, it happens a lot when I'm involved.

We have a few rules, most of which we make up when people do bad stuff, our current rules are as follows:
1) Don't be a prick
2) Enjoy the game(s)
3) Play to win, but play fair, lose honourably and win the next game.
4) Generally, have fun!

If you're from the old guard and wondering when (if) the Screwed Gamers Podcast is coming back? No idea. We'll see what happens.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact a member of the administration team!

The Screwed Gamers around the internet:
Facebook: theSGofficial
Twitter: @screwed_gamers
YouTube: The Screwed Gamers (we need 100 subscribers to make a custom URL these days)
Discord: TSG's Discord
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I've added social links to the OP, if you're not already following/liking/subscribing then get on it because we'll be making a greater effort to get more content on the go from next year. I've also set up a Discord for TSG that we're exploring whether we can use it in any capacity so if anyone has it or is curious to try it out and give their feedback on the possibilities the link above should be an invite to the TSG Discord.
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