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GTA MEGA Social night
If we get enough people I'll do my usual and operate Scav3ngerAir's filming service from the chopper.

I think there needs to be something in place to help people at the back in the freeway race though. I found myself falling further behind because I was coming across stopped cars other people had avoided (or used the bloody siren to make the NPC's swerve and stop to get out of the way of the truck). By the end I'd thrown it in because I knew wasn't going to get close to anyone else.

Cunning Stunts was good fun though, looking forward to giving that another go.
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Although not confirmed yet, we are aiming to do GTA this Thursday with the idea of getting a selfie with everyone in it, that would be put up on the website banner. So if you want your online character looking sharp on the TSG website, keep an eye out here for more information!
So looking to do GTA tomorrow night - Thursday 10th November from about 9pm AEDT
So I have started a channel "TSGz00lu" where I will use it for streaming game nights such as GTA or social Rocket League matches etc that is associated with TSG.

Here is the stream from tonight - a bit lengthy.


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