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2017 Structure and Changeup Discussion
(08-03-2016, 03:11 AM)Scav3nger Wrote: Pending further suggestions from members in this space, we currently have the following suggestions for series to run in 2017 on Forza Motorsport:

V8 Supercars
GT3/E Series
Open Wheelers (F1, FE, Indy)

Some social suggestions (plus a few old favourites):
Bring Your Own Series (where a class is given, A for example, and everyone builds their own cars up to that class, can bring any car to any round)
Muscle Car Masters
MX-5 Cup
Mini Cooper Classic

At this stage I'm looking at a couple of polls to determine what goes through (for example, a poll with all the open wheel series, where the winner might go on to verse the winner of V8SC and GT's). Unless we get a flood of suggestions over the next few weeks.

For Project CARS we have the following:

V8SC (the Ford)
Formula A/B

The vote would probably be FA vs. FB and V8SC vs. GT3 and the winners would face off unless we get more suggestions. Though at this stage I would also be tempted to suggest that which ever wins out of V8's and GT's in Forza the opposite is done for pCARS. The votes won't open until later in the year, but now's as good a time as any to start discussing our options and if you already have strong opinions towards or against some of the above then you can start to make your feelings known.

Coming back to this list, the GT3/GTE series for Forza has been postponed as a proposal by the person who put it forward. I'm happy to keep the "vote" (in terms of ranking your interest in each series) but would mix it up a bit now that it's not even numbers. I might even use one of them Google Forms.

Personally I'm leaning towards V8's and the Ford Ecoboost on Forza (not that the Ecoboost was on that list for some reason), and doing GT3's on pCARS with a TBD support series. They're all known quantities in a way but I think we can suitably spice up the formats to make things more interesting than they have been previously.
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I like the idea of sticking with the V8 Supercars for Forza, it's just what we do and we've never had complaints like "I wish we were racing something else". And if the support series was something weird then that would throw some interesting racing in. Something with handicaps would be cool but could be difficult to achieve. Personally I'd like to see GT3s on Project Cars as the main series, I'd have to go through and look at support category options, but something like Karting maybe? But I do remember others saying they can't handle the karts because they're too jumpy. Might be something to try though.
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Karts should be fine now but i reckon if we were to go with Karts i reckon we should go with the normal ones otherwise for pcars i would love to see a stock car series using either the caper stock car or the ford fusion nascar
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(10-14-2016, 02:27 AM)z00lu Wrote: It would be interesting to hear some responses from everyone who is/has been racing in CANZ and RGL ORC as to what they want or think would help build the community further. Content aside, what is missing?

One thing I would throw out there, is what if we were to run canz on Tuesday nights instead of Thursday's - would that change anything?

The reason i have mentioned Tuesday nights, is because they are the ones most often i am able to do commentary for streams with no interruptions. 

Eventually (could be a year away) when im setup properly, it wont matter which night we are gaming.
So on Thursday night we pretty much came up two conclusions to the relatively light amount of testing we did.

A) We stick to the idea of GT3/Formula Gulf established after the first test night
B) We withdraw Project CARS and stick to Forza for 2017

With that in mind I would say that if we decide to drop pCARS and run only Forza in 2017 a second series will be added or additional rounds will be inserted into the V817 Series.

Personally I don't mind either way, especially now that Forza does have a greater capacity to spectate races for anyone looking to do that, so this is very much a decision I leave to you.
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I'd say wait till we got a rough idea on numbers for the next pcars series and if its not more than 6-7 people than i reckon we drop pcars and add more V8 rounds or another series.
Given the unexpected addition of spectator mode upgrades for Forza 6, I think consolidating is the best option right now. I would also suggest going down the track of more effort being put into two series rather than spreading the workload further with more series. Instead just have some more social nights so there is enough opportunities for people to race. But with social nights, run them with more structure and use them to help bring new drivers on board
I reckon that we should drop pcars and focus on forza as i reckon that with the added addition of the spectators mode upgrades i reckon from a content pov it would make some really awesome content. Also it would be nice if we just focused on one game instead of two
Even if those memories make me sad, I have got to go forward believing in the future. Even when I realize my loneliness, and am about to lose hope those memories make me stronger. Im not alone. Because of you. - Rin (Shelter The Animation)

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Given the size of the community I think consolidating back to Forza is probably the best idea we were already looking at lower lobby sizes as people focused on one or the other, and that became noticeable in the final rounds of last season where we had 4-6 drivers in pCARS when we started with 10-12. All the while Forza stayed fairly consistent. So if one of them had to make way it's a pretty obvious choice.

With that in mind I would consider adding maybe four extra rounds to the V817 series and leave the remaining five Thursday's for social nights on both Forza and other games.
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Revisiting this thread as much thought has already been previously put into this. Based on the decision to stick with FM7 for the foreseeable future we'll be committing to the first and third Thursday concept put forward as racing nights, with the other Thursdays dedicated to other games (to be decided).
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