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CANZ V8 Supercars 2016 [Official Thread]
I'll let you know tomorrow evening if I don't get a chance to look tonight
I might have a hockenhiem replay saved
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Shelter is so wonderful and beautiful Heart
Will have to check. But remember deleting a few has it wouldn't save new ones.
Congratulations Caderz on your first ever championship title in a main series.
Commisserations to Drifter but well done for making it so close.

Hopefully there is more traction with the community next year and we start to see some growth again.
(10-13-2016, 11:48 PM)z00lu Wrote: Congratulations Caderz on your first ever championship title in a main series.

* Provisionally of course, nothing is confirmed until any and all incidents have been looked into.
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(10-12-2016, 04:27 AM)Scav3nger Wrote: What races does everyone have saved from across the season? I'm looking to get a bit of footage from each round but only have a handful of replays from recent races and nothing from early in the season.

I have:
Main Race: Silverstone
Reverse Grid: Hockenheim
Main Race: Bernese Alps
Enduro Bathurst (probably only the first third of it though)
Reverse Grid: Monza
Main Race: CotA
Reverse Grid: Yas Marina
Post Race: Long Beach

If anyone has replays from Long Beach, can they please share them ASAP so I can grab images and some footage. I'm not sure how much footage I'll need but if you have any other races from those listed above could you also let me know?
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Ive just shared Rio Race 1 (search group/racing canz rio) and;
Long Beach (search group/racing canz long beach) - can't remember which race I sent out of the two.

Otherwise I have all the same as you
Just tried to load both of those and the games telling me they're unavailable right now, so I'll try again tomorrow night to capture some stuff.

Edit: I didn't get a chance to try it tonight as I didn't get home until just before 9pm and had some homework to do. I'll have a go tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest. Article should be up by Thursday provided there are no incidents to review (which there aren't at this stage).

I've got more on 2017 to discuss in the 2017 changes thread, so pop over there if you've got a few minutes.
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i got both long beach races i think, ill share them tonight

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