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CANZ V8 Supercars 2016 [Official Thread]
Hyboi and I will race under Moobie Madness in Fords. Glad we have a delay in proceedings, still need to finalise a livery.
Yeah. Unsure why it's locked can you share a livery without it being locked?
Only if it has no locked layer groups on ot
[Image: rrmsig_zpslkmqwh3b.png]
But even then you can't gift a livery for someone else to edit (to change colours or whatever) because Forza is oppressive.
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Bah, our cars will just be white with numbers then.....
Big update for Forza today. Recommend doing that tonight/tomorrow. Just over a gig.
We've got an extra week now before round one for this, thanks to me being preoccupied at the last minute with a dinner meeting with some friends last week. I would have put someone else in charge to keep to the schedule but with it being the first rounds of new seasons I felt I should be present.
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Hell5pawn77 signing up to Volvo Demon Racing
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Aus-Gear Motorsports - CrashCaderz and Clasfied Hunter
Just pointing out were using international layout for silverstone instead of national

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