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[V8SC] Press Paddock
Scav3nger, how was the races from your perspective?

Yeah it wasn't the best result given the pace we showed in qualifying. Lap 15 I just took a little too much out of turn 6 and in an effort to correct ended up in the wall on the other side. We managed to find away to stay relatively quick despite the damage but I think Drifter was driving safe knowing that both Caderz and I had damage. As for race 2, we just lost the balance of the car after race 1, by the time we found the pace again we got trapped with z00lu ahead and Drifter behind. Just found it a little hard getting around the guy in front when you're trying to stop the guy behind getting past at the same time.

It almost worked in the teams favour with Woebe passing Drifter in the last couple of laps, but an unfortunate meeting with the tyre barrier occurred for him.

Yes, unfortunately he just drove it in a little deep and caught the tyres, would have been a great result for me as I might have been able to put a bit of pressure on z00lu, but it wasn't to be. At least the old veteran gets a podium on his last full-time outing. So it wasn't entirely a bad result.

Speculation in the paddock that Caderz may have bribed parties to delay Drifter in order for the AusGear driver to claim the championship. Any word from you on this?

That's... alarming. As far as I'm concerned there's no place for race fixing so to hear that is rather concerning.

Part of the speculation is that you had a deal with him that you wouldn't be challenging for this championship despite being clearly in the hunt. And your pace suggests you should have been able to make easy work of z00lu but chose instead to remain behind him.

What a load of bullshit. Like I said after race 1 we lost balance in the car, by the time we got the feel of the car back after having to drive without a front right of the car we just got stuck. Pure and simple. We had a good battle, Drifter seemed to be laking pace on the straights which allowed us opportunities to fight back for position. Of course squabbling for position also doesn't help trying to get past another car in front does it?

You were clearly two to three seconds a lap faster though.

Before the damage.

And afterwards?

You saw the result, we took time getting up to speed again and got stuck in traffic. I've had this problem all season when it comes to the reverse grid races.

So do you believe there was any kind of bribery or dealings over this championship?

No, absolutely not.

You're in a comfortable position in the Sportscar Championship, over your next nearest rival Caderz, surely it's not out of reason for people to believe the two of you have coordinated the outcomes of these championships?

If we were still team mates? Yeah we probably would have agreed "Hey Caderz, I won't fight you for V8's if you don't fight me for SCS." But guess what? We're not team mates any more, as competitors we hit the track to do one thing. Compete. Making back room agreements over championships is not competing.

So you don't feel as though Caderz will surrender easily in the Sportscar Series?

Well look, and this is the last question I'll answer because we're no longer on the subject of the V8's, I'll say that Caderz is free to drive as hard and fast as he likes. If he wins the championship he will have, as he has done here, earned it fair and square. We weren't good enough on the day to challenge for the drivers title, but we'll take the teams title back to the factory and look forward to next year.
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So z00lu, is your imminent retirement the reason for allowing this interview? You are normally very private.....

I guess so, I will allow one more interview at the end of the Sports Car Series which will double as my parting interview of my overall career.

How did you feel you went in the races at Long Beach?
Well given I didn't cut any laps until that night, I was pretty happy to see that my lap times were up there with the mid tier. The first race I thought I had Woebe covered on the pit strategy but he must have put a blinder of an outlap down as he jumped me for position. Then stuffed up at turn one and that put an end to getting 5th place, though I still got there due to the unfortunate event with hyboi dropping out. Woebe kept the pressure up and had the better pace, mainly under brakes, so he deserved to be ahead by the end. As for race two I was never going to make it easy for anyone to pass me unless I made a mistake.

There has been talk of arrangements with drivers - Scav3nger not passing to comment?
There was race chat during the race, but it was all in jest. The one mistake I made that had an impact on positions was with Caderz and he got through. There were some moments with Scav, but they were on a different section of track and I defended my position well each time. I would like to think that for once there was a faster driver behind me that didn't stick their nose into a gap that was a 50/50 pass at best. He could have tried a few moves but they probably wouldn't have ended well for either of us. Overall race 2 was one of my best performances alongside Bernese Alps. I was consistent with my lap times and didn't make any real mistakes.

So Moobie Madness finishes off 2016 with its best ever result for the team title, how does that make you feel?
After spending most seasons at the bottom of the table I am really proud of what hyboi and I achieved. I guess we can rue our missed opportunities as I think we would have challenged SDR had hyboi not been hampered by a number of DNF's. There was also the one round he was unable to make which was unfortunate. But still we had a great season and if I had found some more pace, who knows.

Any further comment on your V8 Career?
Not just yet, I'll wait til after my final round for now. Thanks guys.
Driver Announcement for 2017

Aus-Gear Motorsports signs The Doc!

Breaking News is that AGM have signed The Doc for the 2nd driver position in 2017. The team weren't sure on their plans in 2017 whether they would run a single car or the team would merge to another. But with drivers on the market, AGM saw the opportunity to sign The Doc believing it would be a strong combination.

"Signing The Doc is a really good recruit for the team. We believe he will push the team into great results as both The Defending Champion CrashCaderz and The Doc will push for a Drivers championship and a 1-2 finish to secure the constructors title. We believe we can clean sweep the titles next year. We like to thank Hunter and we can confirm that the team will remain in Holdens"
The Champ is getting ready to defend his title...

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[Image: GetPhoto.ashx?game=fm6&id=5429432&full=true]
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